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BŌ Cap / size 1,5ml
BŌ ECIG / 22 grams
Battery 380 puffs
Ceramic coating
Magnet charger

A smart design & technology

Each kit is made of a BŌ vaporiser, of liquid cartridges, and of a magnetic micro-USB charger.

TC - TC - temperature control, this function protect your e-cigarette and yourself from a dry hit

Anti Dry SystemANTI DRY
Weight : 1 oz1 oz
Anti Dry System

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Indicator icon

The indicator glows during use to reflect your pull strength, and also while charging.

High Indicator


Medium Indicator


Low Indicator


BŌ Production details

Battery 1500 mAh

Charging station with a personalisable and multi coating.
With this charging and storage station, your BŌ one or TC will remain safe and will be able to charge up to 4 times. The station charges by itself thanks to a micro USB connection. More autonomy allowing you more freedom.

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Multi color for your convinience

Need for more autonomy? Add to your BŌ vaporiser an elegant charging station decorated with classy and interchangeable coating, according to your tastes, which will allow you to charge up to 4 times. Ideal for a complete day.

  • BŌ Color Brown


  • BŌ Color Black


  • BŌ Color Dark Red


  • BŌ Color Deep Blue


BŌ Leather

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Bo cable is the perfect accessory to have complete freedom. Bo cable is a USB charger so you can charge your device anywhere you want, your home, your computer, your car... Moreover, thanks to its 70cm cord you will be able to vape during the charging.

BO Vaping Easy to use icon

Easy to use

BO Vaping Magnet Charger icon

Magnet Charger

BO Vaping USB Charger icon

USB Charger

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4 Flavors / 1 Nicotine level

When our flavor experts meet passion, the synergy developed by these professionals can only lead to exquisite tastes.
They do not contain any diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl. We only use premium materials in order to obtain an outstanding result for the pleasure of our customers. And as needs change by the season, we regularly develop new ranges of these flavors for an infinite choice.

BŌ Caps - Colors
Flavor Tobacco Logo Tobacco
Fresh Vapor
  • Cut Tobacco
  • Fresh Vapor
Flavor Fruit Logo Fruit
Fresh Vapor
  • Mango
  • Fresh Vapor
Gourmet Gourmet
  • Mixed Berries
  • JELLY.
No Diacetyl No Diacetyl
Tracability Tracability
Mint Menthol/Mint
Fresh Vapor
  • Kiwiberries Ice
  • Fresh Vapor

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