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Lemon Frost

Zesty lemons meet a frosty breeze in this exhilarating fusion in 20ml eliquid bottle. A citrusy delight with a cool twist.

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Discover a new level of vaping sophistication with Bo Juices and their 20ml bottles of flavor-packed goodness. Packed with a punch at 35mg/ml in Salt Nicotine, these e-liquids come in a variety of tempting flavors, each bottle standing out with its vibrant colors. Whether you’re into tropical blends or rich notes, Bo Juices promise a consistently enjoyable experience, making every puff a testament to style and satisfaction. Take your vaping experience up a notch with Bo Juices – where flavor innovation and sophistication come together in every boldly colored bottle.



  • Capacity20ml
  • Nicotine3.5% Salt Nic (35mg/ml)


  1. Luna.L (verified owner)

    Very good quality, providing a pleasant taste experience through its durable and well-designed components, ensuring consistent enjoyment.

  2. Quasar.Q (verified owner)

    Most appreciated 20ml eliquid of the bo range. I have tested it on other brands, but the lemon flavor reaaally better here.

  3. Spencer.S_21 (verified owner)

    Satisfying flavor.

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